Chicago Summer Series (Roscoe Village)

Friday Brunch

Today’s adventure took me to the Roscoe Village for brunch. I often work weekends and don’t always have time for brunch. Going on a Friday was calm and I avoided the weekend crowds.  I got up early and walked my dogs. I wore my high-waisted jeans, crop MTV top, and white Converse. The perfect brunch outfit.

Orange (Contemporary Brunch with a Peel)

As much as I like to go to brunch with friends, I decided to go solo. I think alone time is necessary for everyone, but I also know many people don’t like to eat alone. If you decide to go alone (I think you should), bring reading material and walk up confident and ask for a table for one.

Orange Roscoe Village

Located on W. Roscoe Street and N. Damen Ave, and in between Addison and Belmont Ave.  Street parking is available and the Paulina Brown line stop a few blocks away.

Local Business
View of Damen Ave
View of Roscoe St

Roscoe Village is filled with character,  local businesses such as, nail salons, Thai food restaurants, gelato shops, bars and coffee shops. It provides a variety of options to keep the residents happy. The side streets are quiet, providing shelter to the residents when they want to get away from the busy streets.

Local Business
Local Business

The inside of the restaurant is picturesque. There is seating near the windows, and booths at the far end of the restaurant that provide a more private experience. The light fixtures are orange-shaped and the walls decorated with paintings from local artists.

Table setup

The coffee alone is a reason to go. The orange flavored brew will make you re-fill the cup over and over again. And for $3.50 you can enjoy bottomless, orange flavored coffee.

Solo eating material

The menu has some classic options but with a twist, Chai tea french toast, lemon meringue pancakes and orange rosemary french toast. If you want some classic options, buttermilk pancakes, eggs Benedict and build your own scramble. Feel free to ask the staff to recommend options from the menu.

Chorizo Hash

After reading this post, I hope you would be inclined to take yourself out on dates because there is nothing more important than the relationship you have with yourself. Learn something about yourself in these dates, order something daring, meet new people, and eat delicious things.


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